"VTS² (Virtual Trading Simulation System)" is a proprietary product developed in order to facilitate effective financial education. VTS² creates an endogenous and “complete” virtual market with adjustable settings, making it an ideal tool for educational purposes. The system was originally designed for professional traders, but is now available with modifications catering for usage by inexperienced investors as well as students.
"VTS²” is a brainchild of our CEO, Yusuke Ito, who, as a former head of equity trading at a major investment bank, had been involved in training a large number of traders. New traders typically obtained trading skills “on the job”, by making lots of mistakes, often leading to hard-cash financial losses. VTS² was developed with the aim of minimizing this lengthy and costly process of “training up” a trading professional. Incorporating an effective simulation system with real-life features into the initial stages of the training process will likely reduce critical errors down the line. By adjusting the difficulty levels of the system features, VTS² can be easily modified to be an effective educational tool not only financial professionals, but also for individual investors and students at learning institutions.

For Financial Institutions and Other Corporate Customers
 We are happy to customize training sessions according to your needs and requests. Please feel free to contact us.

For Universities and Other Educational Institutions
 We believe that our "VTS²” system brings innovative education as well as an “element of fun” to your economics and finance courses. We have received very favorable feedback from classroom usage at universities (eg. Nagoya University of Commerce & Business). We also offer useful standalone software such as “Start Money” (equity trading simulation - in Japanese), and “Option Pricer”(derivatives calculator).

For Individual Investors
 We provide seminars, DVDs, and “Option Pricer”(derivatives calculator) for individual investors. For more information about seminars, please refer to the “Seminar” page on this website. Private sessions are also available.

"VTS²” for Classroom Training Showcase Examples
"VTS²” wins the Judges’ Special Award at “Japan e-Learning Awards 2011”

"VTS²" acquires Japanese patent. (Patent Number: 4600801)

・"VTS²" Equity (both Japanese and English) Demo Video (Japanese)
"VTS²" Asset Allocation(e.g. Japanese Equity, Fixed Income, and Forex (JPY/USD)
"VTS²" Forex
"VTS²" U.S. Treasuries
・"VTS²" Derivatives (Index Futures and Options) (Derivatives Screen Shot)

 Demo Video (Japanese)


“VTS²-i”(Internet Version: Derivatives: Futures and Options) 
"OSE Futures & Options Simulator"

For self-studying, we developed "VTS²-i", a simulation system in which users buy and sell derivatives products in a virtual market. We firmly believe that "VTS²-i" is an ideal tool to learn about the various aspects (trading conventions and mechanisms, strategies, market theory, risk management) of derivatives trading.

”Start Money™ (Equity Edition)  (PDF)   
Released on July 25th, 2005, “Start Money” is a self-study software (in Japanese) designed for stock investment beginners.
Purchase it here (JPY 25,000 plus tax) and enjoy learning how to invest in Japanese stock market.

 Download “Start Money”
sample version (2MB) (Japanese)

Option Pricer (Options Calculator) 
Due to customer requests, we now offer Simplex’s “Option Pricer”, to individual investors also (JPY9500 plus tax, for a renewable one-year license). To purchase, please send your name and telephone number to the email address below, with “Purchase of Option Pricer” as the subject. We will then reply with details (payment is by bank transfer only)

Supported Version
OS: Windows XP and up (not suitable for Macintosh machines)
Internet speed: ADSL and above (needed when activating the Pricer after installation)

For those customers who purchased the seminar DVD, “Dynamic Hedge by Makiko Hanawa” through, the Option Pricer is offered at a special discount price of 8,400 yen (plus tax).

See Option Pricer Sample Screen
”Start Money” (Light Version) 
Sale of “Start Money” (Light Version)” has been discontinued:
(as of 2007/1/31), at Kojima Co. Ltd.; and
(as of 2008/3/31) at

“Start Money” (Equity edition) is available for purchase through this website.


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