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◆Oct 27, 2014
"OSE Futures & Options Simulator", a simulation software aimed at self-study of investments, released.
◆July 22, 2014 <Relocation>
Office relocated to: Toranomon Hills Mori Tower, 19tth Floor, 1-23-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-631
◆July 12, 2014 <Seminar>
Seminar held by Pan Rolling, Inc., titled, “Risk Management and Strategies for Option Trading”, by Yusuke Ito
Sponsored by Japan Exchange Group
Learn more at (http://www.panrolling.com/seminar/140712.html)
◆June 19, 2014 <Seminar>
Seminar held by JPX Academy, titled “Volatility and Option Strategies” by Yusuke Ito
Sponsored by Japan Exchange Group and Osaka Exchange
Learn more at (http://www.ose.or.jp/event/profile_detail/921)
◆May 17, 2014 <Seminar>
Seminar held by JPX Academy,, titled “Strategies for Derivatives” by Yusuke Ito.
Co-sponsored by: Japan Exchange Group, Osaka Exchange, Nikkei CNBC.
Watch Video at (http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/47661532)
◆May 15, 2014 <Seminar>
Seminar held, titled “Hedge Strategy on the Nikkei 225 Futures and Options”,
Sponsored by Pan Rolling, Inc.
◆Feb 25, 2014 <Article>
Gekkan Shihon Shijyo”, February 2014 ”, featured a panel discussion on Japanese derivatives market by:
Hiromi Yamaji (CEO, Osaka Exchange) ,
Sadakazu Osaki (Head of Research, Nomura Research Institute), and
Makiko Hanawa (Managing Director, Simplex Institute)
Read article (Japanese)
◆Jan 30, 2014 <Seminar>
New on-demand options seminars by Makiko Hanawa released on SBI Securities’ website:
“Nikkei 225 Options: Buying Strategy of Call Options”
“Nikkei 225 Options: Buying Strategy of Put Options”
“Nikkei 225 Options: Selling Strategy of Call Options”
“Nikkei 225 Options: Selling Strategy of Put Options”
“Nikkei 225 Options: Long Straddle”
“Nikkei 225 Options: Short Straddle”
“Nikkei 225 Options: Long Strangle”
“Nikkei 225 Options: Short Strangle”

Watch the on-demand seminars on SBI Securities’ website
◆Oct 9, 2012
"OPTION CHART” (for single stock options)"
released on the Osaka Exchange (OSE) website.
Option Chart (Individual Options)
◆July 18, 2012
New email magazine, “Derivatives are easier than you think”, launched for individual investorss interested in stock derivatives.
Details and registration (Japanese)
◆Jan 31, 2012
A new version of “Option Pricer”, designed for individual investors, released.
Learn more (Japanese)
◆Nov 27, 2011
Makiko Hanawa spoke at a special charity seminar Nippon SAIKOH 2011
Jim Rodgers (Author, financial commentator and international investor)
Kenji Fujimaki (Bond, Forex, and Equity trader, economic analyst)
Michiko Kawai (Representative Director and FX strategist, Wakabayashi FX Associates Co. Ltd.,),
Makiko Hanawa (Managing Director, Simplex Institute, Inc.)
Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Securities Exchange, Tokyo Financial Exchange, Tokyo Commodity Exchange,
Tokyo Grain Exchange,Kansai Commodities Exchange
See details (Japanese)
◆Nov 21, 2011
"VTS²” won the Judges’ Special Award at “Japan e-Learning Awarda 2011”
◆Nov 21, 2011
Makiko Hanawa appeared on TSE special seminar “Aki no yonaga no Toshou Deribatibu Matsurii” (in Japanese)
Watch on-demand video
◆Dec 2008 to Aug 2009
New column about derivatives by Makiko Hanawa available on Searchina.com
◆July 20 to 22, 2005
Our new product “Start Money” exhibited at Simplex Institute’s booth at
“e-Learning WORLD 2005”
◆July 25, 2005
"STARTMONEY", a simulation software aimed at self-study of investments, released.
See details and get a sample (Japanese)
◆October 15, 2004
An article about Yusuke Ito, our CEO, featured in The Nikkin (Japan Financial News)(Page 14) (Japanese)
Oct. 15, 2004
The article about Ito, our CEO
Nikkin (Japan Financial News)(Page 14) (Japanese Only)
August 28, 2004
IR for Women 2004 summer
(co-hosted by Nikko Cordian Securities and Nikko IR)
August 18, 2004
The article about our product had been publihed in Nikkei Shimbun.
Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Page 1, the evening edition) (Japanese Only)
July 23, 2004
Crown Prince Naruhito visited the Tokyo Stock Exchange and experienced a trading session using our simulation system.
"NIKKEI RADIO" July 23, 2004 (Japanese Only)
「e-Learning WORLD 2004 -Expo & Forum-」
July 28 (Wed.) - 30 (Fri.). 2004
TOKYO BIG SIGHT (Tokyo, Ariake)
As of July 21 (Mon.), 2004
New address: Nihonbashi 1-chome Building 15th Floor 1-4-1 Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo 103-0027
Tokyo Stock Exchange ARROWS "Market Experience Corner"
Apr.1, 2004
TSE Arrows web site
"Market Experience Corner" "Login Screen"  
Waseda Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law "Cyber Trading Room"
Apr.1, 2004
Waseda Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law,
"Cyber Trading Room" "Live"  

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